Edison Power Receives Heartfelt Thanks from Florida Residents Following Irma

Edison Power Receives Heartfelt Thanks from Florida Residents Following Irma

Tammey Francis Dykstra of Pompano Beach, Florida, is one of the millions who lost power in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

In her recent Facebook post she thanks the mystery crew from Texas that restored her electric services within an hour of arriving on scene.

That crew is Edison Power Constructors (EPC), a Phoenix-based subsidiary of PLH Group, a Texas corporation.


Edison Power Constructors utility transmission distribution contractors are one of many working to restore power to residents

EPC immediately mobilized crews from Texas, Florida, and California to assist in storm restoration efforts and is one of the many thousands utility transmission distribution contractors working alongside Florida Power & Light to get power to residents and businesses as quickly and safely as possible.

Another post soon followed from Helena Moyer with more kudos for the EPC crew, grateful to them for going above and beyond to restore her power in Fort Lauderdale.

“Our goal is to have crews remain in these affected areas until everyone has their power back,” says Russell Smith, EPC President. “I don’t know about you, but I forget about electricity until I don’t have it. And then it’s all I can think about.”

Currently Edison Power Constructors has 200 employees working solely on storm restoration with many teams mobbing to Tallahassee in the last two days.

Four PLH Group entities including Edison Power Constructors are now dedicated to doing their part in storm and power restoration after all of the recent hurricanes. Power Line Services has two transmission construction and maintenance crews heading to assist after Irma with four crews already on AEP Harvey response.

At present, Air2 has deployed two helicopters to Beaumont for Entergy Texas and mobilized another MD500 and 5-man-crew to Houston for CenterPoint Energy. Air2 also remains on standby to assist Florida Power & Light. Energy Services South remains on emergency standby for Florida Gas while continuing to assist with storm restoration efforts in Tallahassee.

All PLH Group companies have banded together to set up a donation program for Harvey and Irma relief. Employees are encouraged to donate to the charity of their choice, while PLH Group will match donations and route those funds to the American Red Cross.

PLH Group company Power Line Services has also gathered donations for the family of lineman Lachlan Brain who worked for a competing company but gave his life helping victims of Harvey after he died from job related injuries sustained restoring power in Victoria, Texas. Accidents such as this one bring Safety as a Core Value front and center for every PLH Group employee and that is “Safety is more than a priority throughout PLH Group. It is an ethic and a value that is ingrained in the way we conduct our business and live our lives.”

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