New ET&D App is changing the Safety Landscape

New ET&D App is changing the Safety Landscape

Now safety information can be delivered right to the palm of your hand thanks to a new mobile app launched recently by the Electrical Transmission & Distribution (ET&D) Partnership. This app gives new meaning to their logo catchphrase, “Powering Safety to New Heights.”

PLH Group is one of 13 industry stakeholders who worked together to develop the free app so that line workers, supervisors, field safety crews, and virtually anyone in the electrical and construction industry can look up information on their iOS or Android device, no matter where they are.

Safety Topics and Best Practices are some of the main features on the app, but there are also tabs for News, Events, Press Releases, Training, and Resources – including up-to-date OSHA safety tips.

Focus on Communication: Job Briefings

Employee’s familiar with PLH Group’s PREVENT System, know one of the key components to safety on the job is communication. The new app prioritizes communication under the Job Briefings tab found in the Best Practice section. When you click on the Job Briefings tab, it begins with a uniform guide of how to conduct face-to-face meetings at any given job site, and then delves into an outline of key talking points, such as defining critical tasks, who’s responsible for what, identifying hazards, and risk mitigation. Even if someone is working alone, a job briefing must be performed and documented. There’s also a FAQ’s section that spells out questions that may arise, which takes the second-guessing out of how to conduct a thorough job briefing, as well as how to respond to crewmembers at any point during the job.

This new app is a great tool to have, and will help make workers and the jobs they perform safer. For more detailed information about the app and how to download, go to