Tool Guards & Equipment Shrouds – Safety Topics

Tool Guards & Equipment Shrouds – Safety Topics


Hand, power tools, and motorized equipment are a common in our everyday lives and are used in nearly every aspect of our work. These help us perform tasks that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to do. However, using them can be hazardous and have the potential for causing severe injuries when used, operated, or maintained improperly.


There are many types of protective systems that keep you from being harmed by hazards in the workplace and tool use. Distance from energized electrical objects is a type of protective system. We don’t violate MAD thereby we are protected. We stay back 6’ or more from the auger when drilling. Guards on tools are another type of protective system. Circular saws have guards that, if removed or pinned up, won’t keep you safe from the rotating blade. Shrouds covering chains and sprockets protect workers from severe pinch points.

Guards and shrouds must remain in place and fully operational on all tools and equipment. Be sure all guards and shrouds are adjusted properly and per the manufacturer’s requirements. This includes grinders, saws, presses, and rollers, sprockets, belts, and chains on equipment.

We don’t need any more Injury ALERTS about a lineman losing fingers or getting caught-up in rotating equipment. Target – ZERO INCIDENTS!


The IBEW Code of Excellence is a program designed to bring out the best in our construction members and demonstrate to our customers that IBEW members: Exercise safe and productive work practices; Perform the highest quality and quantity of work; and Utilize their skills and abilities to the maximum. Another portion of the CODE states to: Take care of the employer’s tools and equipment as if they were our own.

Effective tool and equipment guarding helps us maintain the CODE.

Think SAFE, Be SAFE, Know SAFE ……. Drive to Stay Alive!