Substation Construction Services

Edison Power Constructors offers complete turnkey substation construction services.

In collaboration with our sister companies Power Line Services and TTR we offer construction and commissioning of high-voltage substations and related equipment. Our skilled substation technicians, combined with our specialized equipment for low-overhead clearances, provide construction services to a variety of customers including utilities, municipalities, electric cooperatives and industrial companies.

Our services include the following:

  • Design and Build Substations
  • GIS Installation
  • Experienced Greenfield Construction
  • Specialized equipment for low-overhead clearances
  • Installation of switches, circuit breakers and instrumentation
  • Substation Upgrades
  • Steel erection and bus welding
  • SCADA installation
  • Range of 12.5kV to 500kV
  • Power transformer relocation, assembly and degasification
  • Metal-clad switches and control panel installation


Edison Power Constructors offers a broad range of construction services to the electric power industry. Edison teams with other members of PLH Group in order to ensure the safest, most efficient and effective service.