Edison Power Constructors Achieves Safety Milestones

PLH Group’s Edison Power Constructors (EPC) recently achieved two significant safety milestones. In September, teams from EPC’s Texas projects reached 365 days since the last Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable incident. Additionally, this team has safely worked 1,784 days since their last lost time injury. In August, Edison’s Florida operations achieved one year injury free. Edison Power Constructors is a national IBEW contractor specializing in building, maintaining and repairing electric transmission and distribution infrastructure.

“This success is not only attributed to the outstanding performance of EPC workers, but also to the active participation of management in the organization’s safety culture,” said Eric Sapp, Director of Safety. “It is when both the workers’ and management team’s safety focuses align that success can be achieved. These milestones are examples of just that.”

Since recently joining EPC, Sapp has not only maintained the integrity of PLH Group’s corporate safety strategy, but has also established a successful Good Catch Program throughout the Edison Power organization. This program encourages worker participation which is vital to the success Edison’s safety and health programs.

Visit Edison Power Constructor’s revamped website to learn more about the organization, including its services, projects, and safety culture.