Edison Power Responds to Community Needs After Hurricane Laura Hits

Edison Power’s Edel Romero (Fleet Director), Nephi Ginnett (HR Director), and Travis Conner (Operations Superintendent) prior to donation delivery.

In the wee morning hours of August 27, Hurricane Laura pounded a region near the Gulf of Mexico when the Category 4 storm hit land. With sustained wind speeds of 150 mph and gusts that escalated devastation further, Hurricane Laura was the fastest intensifying storm on record in the Gulf of Mexico since Hurricane Karl in 2010. According to the Washington Post, early estimates of damage predict restoration costs between $25 billion and $35 billion in damage. Due to the storm’s extensive damage to the local utility system, over 910,000 residents lost power, requiring nearly a complete rebuild of Entergy’s electric power transmission and distribution system across Louisiana and Texas. Thoroughly committed to the communities it serves, Edison Power Constructors provided assistance to residents of Lake Charles, one of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Laura.

Edison Power — a PLH Group company — is an industry leader in building, maintaining, and repairing electric transmission and distribution infrastructure throughout the nation. As a critical part of the communities it serves, Edison Power could not let the area of Lake Charles and its 80,000 residents suffer alone. Edison Power donated food and cleaning supplies to Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana in Lake Charles, a partner of Second Harvest Food Bank. Donated items included 11 pallets of water, canned fruits and vegetables, bleach, toiletries, and paper goods.

Items donated by Edison Power Constructors to Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana.

Catholic Charities of Southwest Louisiana opened the day after the storm hit to support those still in Lake Charles. Donated items, such as those from Edison Power, are being delivered to 20 different locations throughout the Diocese to support those in need.

This is not the first time Edison Power has responded to a community in need. Just last month, Edison Power teams dispatched to restore power after parts of New Jersey were impacted by Tropical Storm Isaias. The organization has also provided response after ice storms and hurricanes impacted communities, as well as provided international support to UCLA’s Preserving Patagonia Project.

Edison Power was not the only PLH Group company that provided assistance to those impacted by Hurricane Laura. PLH Group’s Auger Services, Power Line Services (PLS), Sun Electric, and TESSCO Energy Services deployed crews to the area to assist Entergy in restoring power to the area. Power Line Services donated a tractor trailer full of food to Second Harvest Food Bank, as well as provided a hot meal to PLS workers and other responders who had been tirelessly working to restore power to the region.

Edison Power Constructors employees are more than electric power experts. In fact, their commitment extends beyond their employees and customers. Edison Power employees are committed to the health and safety of all community members in the areas they serve.