Industry Partnerships

Edison Power Constructors are proud members of the OSHA Electrical Transmission and Distribution Strategic Partnership designed to improve worker safety. The partnership aligns OSHA with PLH Group entities including Edison Power Constructors and 12 other participating organizations under a common goal: to reduce injuries, illnesses and deaths among linemen and other electrical workers.

“Safety is one of our core values and mission of our company. The OSHA strategic partnership ensures that we remain proactive in our safety efforts,” said Russell Smith, President of Edison Power Constructors.

Edison Power Constructors is also proud to partner with some of the most recognized and respected names in the industry. Our employees receive training and continuing education from our additional partners.

This philosophy has been implemented companywide as our driving force. We expect dedication to the elimination of unsafe practices and conditions.

This is to be upheld by every employee of Edison Power Constructors, regardless of any other factor.