Patagonia – Restoring a Natural Wonder

Edison Power Constructors Helps with UCLA Project

Patagonia. The mere word conjures up pictures of stark wilderness; ice and snow and a rustic place we don’t even associate with its location: South America. Yet it is the 8th Wonder of the World and one of the last remaining authentic regions of pristine, wild beauty.

At UCLA there is a student initiative underway to restore part of this natural wonder, the Patagonia Project ‘Preserving Patagonia: Restoring a Natural Wonder.’

One of those students is a daughter of Paul Gonzalez—a General Foreman for Edison Power Constructors, an electric transmission and distribution construction and maintenance company. After Mr. Gonzalez’s daughter got involved, Edison Power did too and stepped up with a donation to the UCLA student Practicum team at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. The donation will support this worthwhile cause and help facilitate the student’s plan to develop a restoration plan for native willow trees along the Limay River.

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