California Carr Fire Recovery Efforts

In July and August 2018, Northern California suffered catastrophic damage by the Carr Fire, one of the largest in the state’s history that destroyed over 214,527 acres and 1077 homes. This devastating fire required PG&E to call in outside resources, including Edison Power Constructor crews (EPC) to help restore electric power to the surrounding areas.

EPC sent in 73 men to help clear burned shrubs and debris, cut back charred tree branches, and replace 156 poles and wires brought down in the fire. New materials to complete the restoration work were flown in by helicopter through smoke filled skies.

The lingering smoke and poor air quality required crews to wear masks to protect their lungs from smoke inhalation while they worked. Fire recovery work not only makes for difficult physical working conditions, but it’s also psychologically tough as utility workers are the ones who show up after the devastation, and need to work diligently throughout the aftermath to get power restored and things back to normal.

EPC specializes in restoring power to areas devastated by hurricanes, tornados, fires, ice or snow.