L.A. Department of Water and Power Overhead Distribution Construction

Edison Power Constructors, also known as EPC in California, was selected to perform overhead distribution construction, repair, removal and maintenance work for the Los Angeles area for LADWP, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

For this project, Edison Power Constructors is participating in the removal of overhead distribution facilities along with installation of poles, anchors, transformers, capacitors, switches, cutouts and other equipment. EPC is responsible for all transportation of new and used poles, anchors, cables, conductors, reels, transformers, switches, capacitors, insulators, hardware and other such distribution line materials to and from the job site, as directed by the Engineer.

This project includes work on 4,600 volt low voltage distribution lines including overhead conductors up to 1000kcmil copper and 795 kcmil aluminum along with overhead triplexed cables up to 3/0 ACSR and overhead quadruplexed cable up to 336.4 ACSR. Work is also being done on primary overhead distribution lines up to 300kcmil copper and 477 kcmil ACSR. 34,500 volt overhead conductors up to 350kcmill copper, 477 kcmil ACSR and 795 kcmil aluminum are also included in the project’s scope.