First to Respond, First to Restore

In the October 21 issue of T&D World, Edison Power Constructors was featured for their incredible storm recovery efforts.   Hurricane Ida was a Category 4 Hurricane that devastated large parts of the Gulf region in August.  Extensive flooding and tornados disrupted the electrical grid and whole communities were left without power in scorching heat.  Edison Power Constructors staged crews in the most affected areas and quickly turned the lights back on.

In addition to the expertise in power line construction, Edison Power Constructors has an excellent reputation for restoring downed transmission and distribution power lines.  As a part of PLH Group, the company works seamlessly with other partners to respond to disasters. For example, working with Air2’s fleet of helicopters, ground crew work can be prioritized and expedited. With multi-year emergency response contacts for the major utilities, Edison Power Constructors is integral in restoring power quickly and safely throughout the USA.