Training & Orientation

Edison Power Constructors has implemented a two-and-a-half day Foreman’s Academy focusing on front line safety management skills. All employees must attend the OSHA ET&D 10-hour program designed to address the hazards and regulations of our industry.

The outcome ensures that our employees have the necessary skills and training to keep projects as safe as possible. All employees at Edison Power Constructors will be scheduled into courses identified by the Safety Department and operations groups for new‐employee orientation and any required specialty training that may be needed for their professional development and/or the specific project needs.

Once scheduled into the courses, the employee’s manager will receive notification of completed and upcoming courses.


New Employee Safety Orientation

  • Sharing our Vision, Building our Culture and Commitment
  • Substance Abuse Program
  • Equal Employment Opportunities
  • PREVENT System – Overview and Application for all employees
  • Overview of Edison Power Constructor’s Safety Program
  • Emergency Action Plan and Emergency Response
  • Safe Operation of Motor Vehicles – Expectations and Commitment
  • Hazard Communication & Global Harmonization System
  • Fire Prevention
  • Hazard Communication & Global Harmonization System
  • Incident Investigation Overview
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Strain/Sprain Prevention

Site Specific Training

Courses from New Employee Safety Orientation and:

  • Site Specific Safety Plan
  • Customer Requirements
  • Environmental Awareness and Requirements
  • Quality Program and Requirements
  • Fire Prevention and Project Protocols
  • Incident Investigation Requirements
  • Emergency Action Plan & Response

IBEW Team Members

New Employee Safety & Site Specific Training Courses and:

  • Grounding/EPZ
  • Job Briefing
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Behavior Based Safety for Line Work
  • Designated Operator Program
  • Safety Audit Program
  • Pole Top/Bucket Truck Rescue
  • Clearances/Holds (Edison Power & Customer Requirements)
  • 100% Fall Protection on Steel and Wood
  • Fall Rescue Protocols
  • Fatigue Management
  • Rubber Gloves/Sleeves/Line Tools

Other Training Courses

These courses are as needed in conjunction with active projects:

  • Forklift
  • Confined/Enclosed Spaces
  • Atmospheric Monitors
  • Lead/Benzene/H2S/Asbestos/Hazardous Materials
  • Excavation
  • LOTO
  • Substation Access
  • Signal Person
  • Rigging
  • Personnel Lifts
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Specialty Tools
  • Flagger Training
  • Helicopter Support and Direct Use
  • ET&D Best Practices
  • OSHA ET&D 10-Hour Program
  • OSHA ET&D Supervisory Leadership 20-Hour
  • OSHA Construction 10-Hour
  • OSHA Construction 30-Hour
  • Excavation

Additional courses are available and may be scheduled and conducted as needed. Additionally, at least two employees per crew will have up‐to‐date First‐Aid/CPR training. Employees shall be trained and evaluated in the use of power line construction equipment and performance of assigned tasks.

Supervisory Training

  • Supervision shall ensure employees are competent to perform assigned tasks and not direct any employee to perform any task for which they are not competent.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of applicable rules and regulations regarding tasks under his or her direction.
  • Have the ability to identify existing and potential hazards on the jobsite or in the task.
  • Reserves the right to make changes to task steps and/or stop work in the event an unsafe act or condition arises during the performance of a task.

Operators shall receive training specific to the equipment they are assigned to operate and be updated as required by the manufacturer, OSHA, or ANSI when there is a change in the operating requirements or whenever performance indicates a need for re-training.

Management will provide a monthly safety meeting which includes training on a specified topic. All employees are required to attend this session, which will be documented.